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Our stats have dropped noticeably after GA4 and we suspect it is due to ad blockers blocking it by default. We don't need all the features of Google Analytics — really just want to see page views, most popular pages, most read articles, basic referrals, etc.   

Plausible is a more ethical service that doesn't have cross-site cookies or share data with other providers, build profiles on users, so we think it has a better chance of not being blocked by uBlock, Firefox on strict mode, etc.  If I go to their home page ( - uBlock Origin doesn't even flag anything.

Thanks, Phil!  Had some questions about it and just wanted to check.

Yes, you get demerits for that

We will need this functionality built in to TN.  We are trying to get ahead with fixes because accessibility is being taken very seriously by our administration and all software (local, cloud, web) is being examined for front- and back-end accessibility compliance. We're having to change our e-newsletter provider (one of the largest out there; we've used it for nearly 10 years) because it doesn't meet standards. 

I don't see an alt text field when creating an ad - can anyone point me in that direction?

Running our site through the WAVE accessibility checker, TownNews does automatically add alt text to each image, but -- on our site, at least -- it seems to use the title of the article as the alt text for each image, regardless of whether the image has a caption underneath.  It would be ideal if there was a field for alt text that was prepopulated with the image caption, with the ability to edit it to add further description.  

Oh yeah, I know it's not any of your doing! I will have to dig into the stats and see what kind of numbers it is showing.  I confess almost total ignorance about how the various maps we use would be categorized in all of their APIs (which are static, which are dynamic, etc).  

We would still need to use Google Maps for data projects and things like that, but the vast majority of our maps are just the simple little one-pin geocode ones you can add to the side of an article from the article editor in TownNews. It might be nice to have the option to use OpenStreetMap for those kinds of uses.