Feature request: Auto-approval for events from trusted users

Chase Doak 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Carl Appen 4 years ago 4

We recently were forced to disable auto-approval of calendar events on billingsgazette.com due to an influx of event submissions from spammers. The submissions, which numbered in the hundreds and were mostly links to illegal livestreams of sporting events and current movie releases, were not caught by the spam filter.

We recently were released from an agreement with a calendar feed provider, and are looking at ways of better utilizing the calendar features built into Blox. Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to curate and approve every calendar event that comes through. Having some extra features in place to make the process easier would certainly be welcome.

I'm proposing that Blox allow us to create a whitelist of trusted users who frequently submit events. This would allow us to disable auto-approval for spammers and new users, but would allow frequent users to have their events show up without our intervention.

Another option would be to disallow auto-approval for accounts created within a recent time span (ex. require manual approval of events submitted by an account that was created within the last 48 hours, but auto-allow events from older accounts).


We have also been hit with the same spam about sporting events and other live programs.  We've also had to disable user article submissions as well for the same reason. This all means that the legitimate registered users can't edit or change their submissions, creating even more work for us. 

Hope you can implement Chase's recommendations.


Or you can create a user group (admins) of approved users and give them only access to submit calendar items. I believe these can be auto-approved, which would fit your purpose. Maybe some one from Blox can chime in and verify this.

We are doing something similar because of a bunch of our users are getting flagged as spam. It seems to be working OK so far.

Hey Thomas- you did successfully implement this? 


We get a handful of live event spam submissions once in a while. We do not have the spam filter turned on and when we do, we get complaints that even simple events get flagged and not permitted to be entered.

Having the ability to just 'tag' a normal user as being auto-approved would be great.

We do have a very active event community and our event Upsells have been very well received. 

The Upsells offer a little extra exposure and folks have been very accepting of the concept. 

It's basically free money and no one has to touch anything as once the event is approved, the Upsell connected to it is also approved and the money is pulled in. Highly recommended if you are not already using it.

With the advent of Evvnt coming into play, not sure how that will work with what we have so far but hoping it's just a 'platform' switch and we can offer even more benefits on what is already in play for us.

That said, having known 'good actors' that are auto-approved would be VERY helpful and offer a little time saving.

One click to approve from an email is simple and even refreshing the Blox page of unapproved events to then approve in batches is simple and painless.

Great ideas on this. Hope it can be easily implemented. +10!!!!