Incorrect Article Title and Preview showing up in Google

Marshall Hopkins 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Adam Griepentrog 3 years ago 4

Sent in a ticket for this, but I wanted to also hit up the Community to see if anyone else has seen this:

I need help fixing a feed or article component problem. We are seeing errors when our articles show up in Google Alerts and I am wondering if it is just a scraping glitch or if we have our feeds set up improperly.

  • Weather information in place of Article Preview.
  • Photo Asset names in place of Article Titles
  • The Menu Bar text in place of Article Preview

Seem familiar to anyone?


Image 685

Image 686

I hadn't noticed anything like that before, but just saw this in the link preview for a form URL:


RIght. So as the bots scrape pages, they are latching on to text divs at the tops of pages. and pulling in weather bugs and menu bars. Grr.

I noticed this too - I went into the page properties for all our main landing pages and manually set the descriptions so this behavior won't happen.