Mosaics in teaser images

scott rada 3 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Bruce Potter 3 years ago 4

When an article has multiple mugshots -- often two or more people running for office, or two or more people charged with a crime -- it would be helpful if Blox had a simple way to turn those multiple photo assets into a single teaser image. Here's an example. Currently we're using a separate photo editing software, slowing the process.


We run into this problem when we run a police beat story. We may have 2-4 photos with the story, each pertaining to a different arrest. But the preview photo will not apply to the top headline. So I often find myself clicking "do not publish" on all the photos because I don't want the wrong one to appear in the preview.

Had never thought about it but you're right. No way to not use the related images as previews. 

Another workaround if you want to still publish the images: could manually add a stock/house photo as a teaser every time.

For sure. We'd use it. Similar to how other previews display as a mosaic, but a single image. 

Great idea!  It's particularly important when writing a general overview of a political campaign before an election and you don't want to highlight one candidate over another.