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Carl Appen 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Maureen Reinert 3 years ago 4

Anyone have examples of integrating (local) paid content within a BLOX site that they'd share? How your blocks are set up to preview content on other assets, how you set a site's advertorial calendar, etc? 

I can tell you how we have our sponsored content set to display on our https://lancasteronline.com/ site.

One objective we had was to include the sponsored content in the flow of regular news to hopefully get more eyes on it. We have 5 spots scattered  in the main grid on the homepage where sponsored content can appear. Obviously, not all of them are filled every day with sold content. When they aren't filled, the grid is all regular news content or we use them for our own marketing pieces.

The sponsored pieces are all labeled sponsored and stay in position for 24 hours while the regular content flows through the grid. We can set the sponsored content to repeat, so it could be set to show on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for example or every Tuesday for 4 weeks or just once and done.

All of this is done with a couple of blocks (one customized) and a couple of custom properties set on the articles to control the number of times the article is shown. We added those custom properties because we didn't want to force the need to keep updating the start time of an article, but we did want to offer the sponsors the option of buying more than just one day on the homepage.

If you want to know more about the sales/advertising of our sponsored content, I can put you in touch with someone here about that.

Thanks very much Maureen. That homepage position looks great. 

1. Have you guys ever experimented with bringing the advertorials inline? Similar to this

2. I'm interested in how you handle inventory. Would love to take you up on the offer to talk to someone over in sales/advertising. I'm carl @ appenmediagroup . com 

Here's what the link shows, in case the position has moved: 

We haven't done anything with bring the sponsored content inline.

You should be getting an email from Sally Reynolds. She's the person who manages our digital advertising and is the one to talk to about our strategies and scheduling and things like that.

Hope this helps.