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More robust tables / Datatables functionality

ShorthornAdam 2 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Carl Appen 2 years ago 2

We have been doing more data viz/mapping/database projects lately and it would be great to update the table tool to be more robust, with sortable and searchable data.

Right now we are learning Datatables since it has the functionality we need and can hosted on /app and then iframed in but it would be a lot neater and easier for non-developer types to just be able to add the data without coding up an HTML page and FTP'ing it over.


Under review

If you have anyone on staff that is template certified, you can certainly build your own Datatables functionality into some custom blocks, which would then output a standard blox table asset into a more "optimized" presentation.

That would also allow you to not iframe in the content.

you can do even more with table assets if you get a bit creative. Here are some examples I've put together over time that use some other visualizations (chart.js) and some basic bootstrap styling.


TownNews Solutions Support Engineer

+1 on the request to make Table assets more robust. To me that includes style options for tables in the text fields of other assets. 

A tip for the meantime: check out https://www.datawrapper.de/

Great free map and table builder that (almost) anyone can use. No HTML required.