Tracking author's page views by story

pcrawford 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Jay Allred 8 years ago 1

We track our reporter's page views very carefully to tell what is resonating with readers. However, there is no way to create a report that gives all articles by a specific author with the page views for that article.

And BLOX does not seem to pass author data to Google Analytics as far as I can tell.

BLOX analytics does track page views by ARTICLE. And BLOX analytics does track page views by AUTHOR, but it does not marry the two and give you page vierws by article, by author.

The data is there. We deperately need a report that breaks it out. It is causing us 5 hours a month running and building this report.

When a reporter says "how did I do this month" I need to say, here are all your aticles broken down by page view.

Absolutely. We go one further, and have a bonus system in place that also relies on this data. Completely agree.

The "Authors Most Popular" report kind of helps, but it does not dive deep enough.