When a website shortcut is made to an iPhone start screen, the images don't show when clicked

pcrawford 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Maureen Reinert 8 years ago 1

Also, the newspaper logo at the top is not clickabkle and the nav doesn't work. This is reproduceable. I don't think this is a TownNews issue, but has anyone has a similiar issue?

It only happens when you go to the website from an icon made on the start screen of an iPhone. I have not tried Android yet.

Actually there may be a TN issue. When I save our homepage to my home screen sometimes the images show up and sometimes they don't, and sometimes the logo link works and sometimes it doesn't. So I hooked my phone up to my laptop and used the web inspector.

Doing that showed me that sometimes the page is throwing a lot of errors (at the moment I see 66). Sometimes they go away with a page reload, and sometimes I end up with more of them. Some are related to TN scripts and some to the Google ad scripts. It's very inconsistent. It's likely those errors are causing preventing the image loads.

As for the logo, I noticed that the status bar (with the date, battery level, etc.) overlaps the logo and hamburger menu area. So if I click on the logo toward the very top of my screen, nothing happens. I think it thinks I'm clicking on that status bar. If I click at the very bottom of the logo, the link works. If TN would change the meta tag for 'apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style' to 'default' or 'black' instead of 'black-translucent', the status bar would be above the logo and the hamburger menu. There wouldn't be an overlap, and that might solve one of the problems.