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Hey everyone,

So, as of today, we cannot embed Evvnt events into articles or newsletters. 

As for the revenue portion: If you sign up for Evvnt off the street, the package we will be using would normally cost you $249. To offset that cost, we are using a revenue split. For the first $250, it is split 80/20 in the favor of TownNews. After $250, then it is a 60/40 split in favor of TownNews. If you are currently using the TN Upsell manager, you are currently earning a 95/5 split in your favor. 

We will be offering training sessions going forward. First, we need to determine which clients will be part of the program, then we will finalize our rollout plan. You will be contacted before the switchover happens. 

Hey everyone, 

I've went through the process and updated the documentation to include Robert's step of grabbing the JSON file from the other location.