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Hi Christine, 

Jumping in for some information. So what you are saying is we need at least one additional GTM container that will be used for AMP and a possible second additional for FBIA? Basically, we can't add this event tracking via our current GA or GTM setup. Is that the idea? If so, where do I include a second GTM container id in our TN setup to manager our AMP and IA containers? In FB, there is probably a place via their interface but I'm not sure about AMP. Would you be willing to give us a step by step way of accomplishing tracking? 

I am quite possibly way off base on this so please let me know if this is not at all what you are saying. Just trying to help Kyle accomplish our company goal. 



Christine, can you email me about this? We would like to have a brief chat about it. Thanks!

Hi Christine! Thanks for asking. We are looking at possibly using an html or regular block to house an ad, some content, or ad and content in the same block, that can auto refresh on an interval basis. Google has relaxed its stance on refreshing ads as long as the content around it also refreshes so we are looking at a test to see how our site and audience reacts to that experience. The ad and content dont have to be in the same block as long as we put the two blocks near each other and they both refresh but if both assets can live in the same block, that is also ok. is doing them.