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I love this idea David. I've recently read two blogs about how popular these quizzes are becoming on major media sites and wanted to share here. 

Buzzfeed loves quizzes. 
"-The company's recent post What City Should You Actually Live In has generated close to 20 million views in five days. The quiz form is something Peretti thinks more publishers should experiment with."

And interactive quizzes are quite popular for the New York Times. The most popular content in 2013 was a dialect quiz published Dec. 21an intern created. This is probably a little more dynamic than the simple quizzes proposed in the thread, but it does give us an idea of what content is the most popular.
Here's the quiz! 
Love the idea and voted! We have tried "digitizing" this contest via ShortStack and other services, but our Reader's Choice ballot has so many options, it became quite unmanageable there. I love the idea of integrating this feature with the Business Directory!