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thanks, Phil. As a back-end user the most ideal workflow IMO is to never leave the calendar admin to enter a venue. Whether that means the venue field is tied to an expanded venue library or tied directly to biz directory, both seem achievable in my tiny brain. Eliminating one or two steps when we're entering hundreds of events each week is huge when you add it all up. 

Forgot to add, Christine, yes we just bought biz directory, the full version. So we're using that to house all these venues but need a more robust tool to help auto complete and ease entering several hundred calendar entries a week.

Thanks, Christine. I think the problem is that in a given week we use 200-300 venues for listing input. So the 15 or so items stores in the venue library isn't much of a help. Can the venue library be expanded to hold more venues?

that discrepancy honestly doesn't surprise me. Chartbeat never comes close, at least for us, to matching Google or Parsely. They they measure 'page views' is very different.

You're always gonna see discrepancies among different analytics vendors, Elizabeth. Google, Chartbeat, Parsely, comScore never match b/c they all use a different 'ruler' if that makes sense.

Having said that, we specifically don't use titles in URLs for this reason b/c of the duplication. No clue how much we sacrifice in SEO traffic b/c of it.

Eeeee ... I think we definitely need a UDID-type string in the URLs. I can't imagine analytics without them.

Somewhat related: I think dates in URLs would be awesome too :)

Thanks, Christine. I think, kind of an asset's publication date/time, the creation of a URL should be directly tied to when an asset's 'do not publish' box has been unchecked for the first time.

While GA, Parsely, etc., can definitely track by UDID, it's still ideal for search/analytics to have one single URL per asset whenever possible. Like, that's the ultimate goal. 

I think maybe creating some if-thens around the 'do not publish' box might be a possible universal solution?

Thanks, Christine. Definitely interested in it being automatic. A couple other thoughts?

-- Could the field actually exist beneath the title field like in Kevin Cox's Wordpress example?
-- Would this feature mean that BLOX URLs will no longer change when the headline is changed (assuming you have the URL option enabled in BLOX).

This is going to be a great addition, Christine, thank you!

some things that move from Merlin to blox *can* be sold, yes. Mainly trying to target the AP photos that come in.