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No real change in quality for photos.  Especially for photos in photo albums...  I was told that if the photos are for sale on the site, the customer can download a full-sized hi-res image.  I, however, don't sell my photos at this time.  Guess that will be something to look into.  They are automatically down-sized to save bandwidth.  :-(  

Thanks for the quick response!  I JUST figured it out.  I've been working on it for 3 days... :-)  

The ad I had placed under the original block-leaderboard-ad had automatically been 1000px wide, which is too wide for that area on the asset pages.  It was also in the Index-top-featured content area.  I moved the 2nd ad block underneath the original block in the top global container - NOW IT WORKS!

Thanks for responding so quickly...  I hope this helps someone else that needs MORE ad spots!