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Hi All,

BLOX Subscription Pro does currently support Keyword rules in the rule profile settings. With this you can add Keywords that will trigger premium content restriction in addition to the section definitions. Please feel free to contact our Customer Services folks if you require assistance.

This is indeed something that TownNews is working towards. We are targeting this summer for it's release. 

We have more targeted support for that coming late this year.

Hi All,

TownNews added official support for IP address white listing early 2019. Here is the help document for it
if you have questions our customer service team we be happy to assist.

Hi Mike,

I understand your frustration. Please keep it coming as we are in the process of adding many improvements in this area and appreciate all input.


Since your sites are using Google Tag Manager, you can pass first party cookie variables in GTM to Google analytics as custom dimensions to identify statistics related to logged in users and subscribers. Please create a support ticket with our customer service folks and they can help you with that.

Here is the link to the support page - 

Hi mcgregora,

I don't have a concrete timeline for this yet, but it is one of our top priorities for the coming months.

Hi Mike,

We do have a transaction report that can be sorted by recurring transactions which does include the expiration dates. Please call our Customer services representatives at 800-293-9576. and they will be able to help you out.

Hi Ian,

This is still in our roadmap. It has taken us longer than expected to get to this but it is a high priority to do this as part of a revamped purchase workflow.