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Bumping this up.... anyone else like this idea?

You can also create a video asset using the YouTube URL

Image 728

Image 727

Then add that as a related item in your article.

This is a great suggestion, as we run into the same issue.

Our current solution for this is to make a local copy of an asset, then remove all the sections and keywords from the original (so that it doesn't populate any page blocks).  That way, even if the syndicated asset gets updated, it won't show up on the site again.   It's not a great solution, and having the ability to just 'disconnect' the original asset from  future updates may be the better way to handle this situation.

Thanks Joe.,

We actually cobbled together some code for the block to use CSS to hide the datestamp after x hours.

Hopefully this could be incorporated into the native block code in the future.

- Eric

Bumping this.   Any plans to implement the idea?

Great idea Jason!  Our previous CMS had this ability... just a default company logo instead of a 'broken image' type of display

It potentially could be both.  But I think just a new BLOCK would work.  That way, you could use the query to scroll more than one headline if necessary.   The block could have options to display a related image (similar to the breaking news block) and an option to link to the sourc article (or not).

I really like this idea.   We'd be using this too.

Would be great to be able to assign different blocks to different pages.  i.e. Sports, Weather, News, Traffic, etc.

Perhaps a choice of an icon (alert, video, weather) fixed on either side.

Would also be nice to have a limit on text (truncation) and ability to include links.