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It is a good Thread Lindy. Thanks for starting it. I'll work on your other requests for Assignments this week.

In the meantime, can you file a support ticket at for us to get your budget view working?

Kevin: And update on your three bullet points:

Editing the Slug is on the roadmap. Specifically you asked for it to be able to change the asset slug in the process.

Assignment date does sort. What is the problem?

I will add a development ticket on the editor not showing up.

Lindy: The original intention for the Media Asset Assignment was indeed for any type of non-article assignment. Yes it is currently geared towards photos, but if you will use it for other things I'll put in a request to add the extra features for other asset types.

It has been difficult getting good feature requests for the Assignment Tool. We added it to BLOX Total CMS at the request of a client who ended up not using it. So it languished. We have been getting some good requests from Kevin and his crew in Galveston, TX and it is getting better in development waves. When it comes to the Assignment Tool, please keep sending feature requests. The best way, however, is through TownNews' CRM support ticket system. You can reach that at

The Appliance OS 2.11 version added the ability to search for assignments via slugs. And it corrected a problem with the due date in the Assignment e-mails.

Appliance OS 2.12 doesn't have any Assignment related items, but Appliance OS 2.13 will fix a bug with sorting by assigned to and asset type. More will come after that.


Demoting to prior workflow processes will not remove the site tag from assets from BLOX Total CMS. Workflow processes can be set to Do Not Publish by having the Web Ready checkbox selected in the process. And demoting a workflow will then remove it from where a user can see it online -- though it will be available in the hosted admin.

Technically the Knowledge Base article doesn't have all the ways to remove the asset. You can also delete the asset in BLOX Total CMS and it will also be deleted in the hosted admin and thus deleted online. Finally, you can set a delete date/time which would also cause it to be removed in both locations.

Jon S. Winters
There wold be several ways to handle a notification. For me, as the Product Architect, I'm concerned about sending out too many requests and sending them to the wrong people. I have wanted to add a 'Watch' feature that would alert users based upon assets being found by search. Thus a user could create a search and then sign up for notifications of that search. That would work for Kevin's request (and prevent over notification). If some more people respond here, I'll add the feature request.
Page Tracker doesn't yet have searching for pages, but the 0.9.0 version of Page Tracker will add a Soft Proofing function that would make it easier to implement what Nick is asking for. As of today Page Tracker 0.7.0 has been in use for many months. Page Tracker 0.8.0 should be available for Beta on 25 August 2015. Development on the 0.9.0 version hasn't begun.
Good afternoon. My apologies for not answering this question months ago. But I'm not a site and that is who you directed your question to.

For what it is worth, no, I don't think we have any other FIDO users but your site. Our other Ad Force users export the layouts in a format that our built in advertising functions handle and then we have our own equivalent to FIDO that is integrated into the document opening, proofing, and export functions. I believe we have at 4-5 Ad Force sites.

We currently have integration with the following types of Ad Layout applications:

APT PowerPlan & PageMaster (fixed format version)
Brainworks XML
generic Layout 8000 Cardex format
Managing Editor's Ad Force (sometimes resold by Baseview / MediaSpan / NewsCycle)
Managing Editor's ALS (again, sometimes resold)
Miles 33 XML
SCS's Layout 8000 Cardex format
Vision Data XML

We also add import capability whenever we have identified at least 2 sites needing to use a format. 
Greg, from the BLOX Total CMS perspective, it could also be that the site's BLOX Total CMS rulesets are configured to display Associated Press for print rather than the original byline. There are a variety of ways to in BLOX Total CMS so that an AP asset from BLOX Total CMS page doesn't destroy the original byline. Talk to your template master there for details, and if he needs help, put in a support ticket and one of the team will help change the rulesets.