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Great thanks! Hopefully Field59 will be next. That is our main concern.

Thanks. See attached example. Ignore the red arrow. just what is circled yellow. I know I can accomplish this with jquery but wanted to see if there was something in place already.

I was asked to mark this as a feature request to be added in the future. If this feature would help others then please vote. Thanks.

Yes. This is exactly what I am talking about. We are using a link that goes to search results show more content as a workaround for now. Would be nice to have the collapsible block if the content didn't have to load until someone clicks on it. Thanks for the quick answer.

got my answer. just append ?preview_ads=true to the end of the url

Yeah, Ctrl + Enter didn't work. Shift + Enter works but once the asset is saved it changes it to a paragraph tag.
I was able to insert the hidden field with jquery on the search page.