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Hi Christine, Thanks for doing this update! I agree that the updated time would be helpful. I also think it would look nicer if the updated date/time appeared on the line below.


Hi, just checking in to see if there is an update this request. Does Town News offer the ability to do push notifications via desktop and/or mobile?

That's cool, thanks. But how to do you set that to the ratio in which it will appear on the homepage or as a thumbnail on a landing page, etc.

I would like the ability to save a related image as a thumbnail so I can crop it to fit on the homepage or wherever the thumbnail will appear without changing the photo shown in the article. I think this could be done alongside your suggestion. Thanks!

I totally agree, although I've seen the mugshots stacked at the bottom of the article on a tablet. Not great either way!

Wow, Christine. You just showed me how to solve both problems at once. THANK YOU!

Hi Michael, Any chance you can share how you customized your code? I want to do the same thing. Or Town News, any chance this is a feature you plan to implement? I have had to turn off the comment count icons on our site because they don't show comments even where there are some because we use FB moderation. Also, does anyone know if there is one dashboard where I can see all site comments made using the FB moderation tool? Thanks!

Hi, Do you still need someone to help test your FB instant articles integration? I would be willing to help if I can. I'd also love an update. Thanks!