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Love this idea. Tracking analytics of one story with multiple headlines isn't practical on the day-to-day.

Hi Christine, happy to share! I like the idea of being able to set a background image on a pull quote, as long as we could have the presentation options when they get dropped into the story that a photo has. The headline background options in Cover Art would also be helpful so we could make sure the text was visible (text in a box or background box).

I agree that having them under the photo would be better than having them on top. I want them to be so blown away by the picture they see that they want to read the caption underneath.

Nope, we don't. And a standard article with no presentation is, by defauly, wider than long-form. Long-form will really narrow your text and give you a lot of negative space.

The Vietnam piece is not set to long-form, it's just a standard article with lots of extra features. That's why it's wider.

Thanks, Nick. Those projects were both pretty large. The Vietnam one took a couple days to design, and the football one is actually one of three, and those took a couple weeks because of all the preview stories that are linked in it. We usually do at least one long-form story a week, though, typically with major Sunday stories.

Yes, because we still share the link to the story with the live coverage in it on our social media channels. Plus, we get a lot of internal traffic on our page, so this way we capture that audience as well. We've had a lot of success with high-profile case press conferences and things like that.

We do this quite regularly by going live on Facebook and just embedding the code for that video into an asset. Then it can go up on your site while you are still live. Maybe that could work for you as well?