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Kevin, after looking a bit more, that is actually a bit of overreach on our move to reduce privacy data on users that is exposed. The intent was for this to remain for admin users. This change happened with Flex 3.145. I'm going to look into having it restored for admin users.

Kevin, I checked around a few other sites and still see them elsewhere, so it's not a Blox thing. We did recently remove them from regular user dashboards to help reduce privacy issues, but they still exist for staff. Go ahead and submit a ticket to address this, I'll keep poking around to see what would disable it.

Just to update this, there is no way to exclude ads based on keywords in the Blox Ad Manager, nor will that be supported. Your best option to do this is to move to Google Ad Manager.

I'm investigating if there is an existing way to do this with Blox Ad Manager. There is a help article that is basically the opposite of what you are wanting: I'll update when I learn more about what's happening under the hood.

In the meantime, I highly recommend exploring moving to Google Ad Manager, as it offers a much greater degree of control and behavior than our ad manager. Our Ad Ops team is available to help guide you through the conversion.

It would be possible to do this with keywords on the article and a keyword filter in Google Ad Manager, but you'd have to carefully coordinate that between editorial and whoever is booking the ads. You'll also need to be using Google Ad Manager for this. You could submit a customer service ticket to our Ad Ops team for more information on how you could do this.

You could accomplish this by setting up a section tag channel in Blox Notifier.

This would then allow users to subscribe to specific channels like "news" "sports" "breaking" etc.

Please submit a ticket to our customer service staff so they can take a look. There have been no syndication changes in TCMS lately that would apply.

Oh! In that case, that is not what this feature sets out to do. It is only looking to import data from an XML file not to read data from IPTC/XMP images.

I'll grab this other information to look into creating a new import mechanic that would handle importing raw photos.

Kevin, I'm working on a fix for the "new" importer job, but the old one should be working with that option. Could you submit a ticket to customer support along with the job ID and a sample of the XML you are importing so we can have dev take a look. 2.24 is going into beta this week, and we've already started 2.25, so this change probably won't get in until 2.26.

Kevin, could you set an option of generate_credits with a value of true on the OLD importer. That's how it was set up to work, and it looks like that ticket started before the new importer method and was never updated. I'm going to work on getting that option added to the new importer.