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you want to batch edit headlines or cut lines specifically to assign a generic cutline to 200 photos at once, like from a sporting event.

We did as many as a million page views a month with these kinds of galleries.

One way we would use it is for high school sports scores.  We want the block to show up on Fridays at 7 and disappear on Saturdays at noon. I would also like for my centerpiece news block to turn off on Fridays at 2 and turn back on Saturday at 5 am so I can program entertainment to the front of my site on Friday afternoons.

This kind of departing and weekly scheduled programming is very hard to do when you have to do it all manually.
If I could schedule blocks to turn on and off at certain times, then all I have to do is train the desk to slot the stories. I can schedule the rest myself.  Better yet, I can set a weekly schedule and let it run.

Scheduling of blocks would be very useful to those of us who strive to have a very dynamic and dayparted site that shows readers something dramatically different depending upon what traffic tells us they are looking for without someone sitting literally at 3:58 p.m. and then at 5 a.m. rearranging the site.

So these are mobile browser highjackers.  They are normally platform specific and browser specific and can often be overcome by simply rebooting your device.  Also, switching browsers for 24 hours helps as they are normally caught within a few hours of being launched. That doesn't help your site, but I get them from many sites.

They are definitely coming through programmatic, but it's hard if not impossible to tell if you served it or if you picked it up elsewhere and its keying off the ad tags on your site.

What can you do?  Not a lot.  If you allow programmatic ads, make sure and ban ads advertising things like games, apps and using popups.  Those are a good place to start.  If they are continually coming from one domain or one provider, block that.  That is like playing Whack a Mole.

Besides the flexible paywall, what pricing models were used, changed that helped drive the adoption? That info was left out.

Use PollDaddy. It works perfectly with BLOX and is cheap.  We dumped Second Street for all of our contests, polls, etc and just use PollDaddy. I think its $200 a year.

We have a weekly news quiz that does exactly what you are wanting that works like a dream.

This private browsing issue has been a problem since Noah built his first canoe and mused about a little shower coming.  Can you not detect privacy settings and notify a user that his settings will cause an issue?  If you can't set a cookie, then an error is generated. That error should be able to be detected and a user informed.

Everything we can do to lower user frustration is important.  This is just another little thing that can affect churn.

Thanks.  Been using Apple's browsers since OpenDoc and CyberDog.  Normally very compliant.

Hehe. So its not you. Its Apple.  Doh.  Sorry about that. I was not aware it auto-updated Tuesday.
Literally all of the menus in the box editing area are broken now. Trying opening Block Title or General or any of them.

They are really good about standards compliance, thats why I use Safari. Oh well.

This has worked well for us. We need to change the photo for spring sports though.

By the way, we charge $17 a month for full access. I was in an API study group a few years ago and we found that people who want digital were not very price sensitive. So we set it to the same as print.

Working very well.

So we use ROOST and it works well and it is very cheap.

It would be fan-freaking-tastic if ROOST worked with the broadcast tool because its hard to remember to go out there. That being said, it would also be awesomely cool if we could slot a story for a breaking news mail from the broadcast panel too. One-stop shopping...