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If you want to set the meta description for a page, go to the site settings. In there you will see "URL maps." Click on that and select your current URL map and then the homepage.  The Description field is on the Page properties tab.

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I think that will let you make the changes you want.

I believe the problem is that you can't put a dynamic article collection inline. I just tried adding a static collection of assets inline and that worked. Then I changed to dynamic collection pulling in the same assets, and I only got a link to the collection inline.

I don't know why the static and dynamic collections are treated differently when you put them inline, but for reason they are.

Thanks for letting me know that we're not alone. I've opened a support ticket, so hopefully TownNews will get this fixed soon.

I put in a ticket about this on Aug. 30 and haven't gotten a response yet.

Email sent. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

We created a SmartNews feed. It's not too difficult to create. If you want I could export the package and send it to you.

We opened a ticket with TN about this. Apparently the tracking pixel is missing from the newsletters. TN says, "Product and Dev on their side are aware of the issue and are in conversation with Constant Contact to get things moving!" TN said they would let us know when they have more info.

We also have ticket open with TN because some of our newsletters are not getting sent at their scheduled times. TN said they think this is the result of a change Constant Contact made to their API. TN are working on figuring out exactly what the error is. After they do that, they can work with Constant Contact to fix it. In the meantime, they have told us that we will have to manually send any newsletters that don't get sent out automatically.

It sounds to me like the blocks on your homepage have the rule set to not allow an article to appear when it is the child of another article. The first things that I would check are the query rules on your homepage blocks to see if that’s what is happening.

Have you tried putting the all of that into an HTML asset and then embedding the HTML asset in your article? I think that will work.

We've started having the same issue today too, and we haven't found a way to stop it. If someone can give us a better verification system, that would be awesome.