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Why not just use a form, and style it with CSS?

I think it's based on PHP's date stuff, which can be found here:

Just saw the release notes for Feb. 20:

In order to improve front-end performance, we are now going to be automatically minifying and optimizing all CSS and JavaScript files that are included in the Flex library. When looking at the files in the BLOX CMS Template Editor, the un-minified files will be available, and during our packaging and deployment process they will be optimized and minified for front-end serving. (FLEXBLOX-5616)


Edit: Wait, I see this now per another update:

 . . For this reason, only built-in library files
(not local site-specific files) will be affected.


Thanks Rich!

Any update on this? Someone at my employer pointed out this issue a few days ago.

I would use an opt in macro, opt_bodyTop seems to be the one you want.

I respectfully disagree. TN needs to focus on the Core product.

I would recommend looking into a ticket system and find a way to get the users via the Blox Webservices API or something, and use that user data within the separate ticket system

Can you tell us more about your specific use cases? It will help us determine what specifically is needed and to make sure it meets all requirements.

Good question. Here are a few scenarios I personally ran into:

  1. I am working on something that deals with APIs, and turning into data that's ready for importation to Blox as classified assets.

    Currently, I can pull things related to classifieds from different APIs. But, to get it ready for importation into Blox, I have to make an XML file, put in in the data directory, and set up and run a job for it. If there's an API. all I need to do is just add some code to account for a Blox CMS API.

  2. Also (this is a minor one), I was searching classifieds assets in JSON format (which is great, BTW). I had the UUIIDs for the assets, but I couldn't pull them directly via a URL or API. An API would've made that easier.
If so how did it affect the inside pages?

The child URLs probably "inherited" the setting from the parent URL. To prevent that, I'd set the layout for the child URLs as well

This may be for another post but I think something that would really help would be the ability to create regions. How hard would that be for a non-UTL user?

The regions are actually made via a UTL macro being called in some HTML: So I'd say it's not likely.

Sorry to be a debbie downer :|

You already can search by UUID. Just search "uuid:< uuid here>" in the search box

Is there a way to remove the CAPTCHA? I tried to find a way, but could not.