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This happened to us a few months ago. It was really bad. The best way I can suggest for how to determine where it's coming from is set up a test page with any advertising on it. Check to make sure you're getting the redirects on that page. Then systematically disable certain ads and see if the redirects still happen. When you disable something give it a while to make sure the redirects still happen or don't happen. There were times I'd disable something, the redirects would stop for a while, I would think I found the culprit, but then the redirects would start back. They're really tricky.

You can see my community post here:

If you're getting these in the Facebook app you need to clear your Facebook cache. That's the only place we see those on our website these days but I think that's a Facebook thing.

I think they've recently changed the "remember me" options. In Community/User Accounts you can find the following...

That's how mine is set and it seems to remember me. I didn't close my browser but I did close the tab the site was previewed on.

I'm actually talking about SiteOrigin Page Builder.

I realize what I'm pitching would be very difficult but it would be awesome to have the option to create mini wireframes within a block region.

Why do you say you have to build a new site? I may have missed something.

We're looking to create a recipe microsite with its own vanity URL to direct to the page on our main website. I want people to be able to search only recipe assets. I can do it but as it's set up now the block would require the user to select a date range or a very narrow timeframe is automatically selected.

This search block could easily also be used for something like obituaries. I'm not quite sure why it isn't a standard block already.

Can we expect a bug fix for this soon? It's still a problem two years later.

We've had two complain so far. It would be nice if there was a splash page that details why the website is unavailable. To my knowledge the only way someone would know why would be if they read the Terms of Use but then they obviously have access to the website anyway.

This is VERY exciting. I heard in the Q&A that you can use our existing app and switch to the new BLOX Now app as an update. Our problem is that our app is developed by Whiz Technologies. Can we switch to our own developer account so it isn't Whiz anymore and then update the app?

I agree collections should be able to be auto-populated based on keyword.

My phone also displays the desktop version. There are sometimes that I do prefer the desktop version but I think for BLOX Go you're probably wanting the mobile version.